Benefits of private tutoring

For a student that is struggling in school or needs to be challenged, a tutor can provide so many benefits. However, the benefits of hiring a tutor for the child can also help the parent as well.


A parent may hire a tutor for many different reasons but doesn’t often realize the significant benefit for themselves until a few weeks after tutoring has started. The major benefit that the parent notices is less stress and tension between themselves and their child. For example, when a child becomes frustrated with school work, many parents feel obligated to try and help their child with their school work. However, for some parents, they are unable to help because they do not have the time or patience. Another reason the parent may not be able to help is that they do not understand the curriculum material, or they are not able to explain the concept thoroughly enough for the child to make sense of the concept.


For the child that is struggling in particular subjects such as reading, math, or language skill, a tutor can give the child one on one instruction and work at the child’s pace. Finding a tutor that specializes in a particular subject matter can even be more beneficial because they will be more familiar with other learning strategies that can help the child understand and comprehend the curriculum material.


Besides teaching specific subject areas, a tutor can teach study skills and time management skills. These skills help the child to set goals and to get their homework turned in on time. The child is more prepared and less anxious about taking a test. These skills are essential for any child to be successful in school.


Other reasons why tutoring may benefit the child that is struggling in a particular subject area include the following:

1. The tutor can give their complete attention to the child.
2. The child gains self-esteem and self-confidence.
3. Tutoring can bring the child’s grades up.
4. The child can avoid failing the subject or repeating a grade.


Another reason why tutoring can benefit a child is because the child becomes bored with the school curriculum. A tutor can explore other areas of interest with the child and set up additional stimulating lessons, labs, or field trips that can challenge the child. With this type of interaction and motivation, the child can be encouraged to go more in-depth with other projects or activities outside of the school curriculum that stimulate their interest.


To get the most benefits from tutoring, a parent needs to consider a few things before selecting a tutor. These expectations should include:

1. Is the tutor approachable?
2. Does the tutor have credentials?
3. Will the tutor provide weekly or daily feedback?
4. What is the cost for the tutoring service?


When selecting a tutor, be sure to keep in mind the type of tutoring the child may need. Tutors can provide instruction for remediation, maintenance, enrichment, and even test prep for the SAT or ACT. Tutoring has many benefits for the child and parent but can only work when the tutor is open to the expectations of the parent and the needs of the child.